Brazil’s justice minister, Sérgio Moro, resigned his office today, directing specific accusations at President Bolsonaro.

Moro accused the president of political interference in the technical question of appointment of the head of the Federal Police; of wanting to have access to secret investigations that could harm Bolsonaro himself; and of removing Moro’s autonomy for making technical choices of appointments in his ministry – contrary to the carte blanche that Moro had agreed with Bolsonaro as a condition of accepting the post.

Sérgio Moro’s resignation points to the end of autonomy for Brazil’s government ministers – not only the Minister of Justice, but also the Health Minister and the Economy Minister. In other words: now, all ministers are subordinated to the absolute will of the president. They have no autonomy to take action on their own, and all decisions must be approved by the President.

Moro made clear that he wants to continue serving the country – that is to say, he is a candidate for the Presidency in 2022. From outside the government, he will be able to build a consistent electoral platform from among those supporting him, including those supporters of Bolsonaro who consider Moro’s resignation a betrayal of one of Bolsonaro’s campaign promises.

Brazil enters a new political phase: a dangerous, volatile phase in which the capricious willfulness of the President is the only policy of the State.

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