Business and Economy in Brazil
July 2, 2020

Brazil has three vital priorities for growth: – reform; legal insecurity; environment

Priorities are difficult to put in order – but Brazil vitally needs to unite around a concrete agenda to achieve these three: 1          Approve the administrative and tax reforms. 2…
Business and Economy in Brazil
June 6, 2020

Less consumption. More inequality. Faster.

The pandemic has sped up certain trends that have a strong effect on the world economy: shrinking of the consumer class, increase in extreme poverty and inequality, and an aging…
Paulo GuedesBusiness and Economy in Brazil
June 4, 2020

Without the trust of private sector capital there is no economic recovery

Record capital flight, high Brazil risk, peak exchange rate, foreign investment down+The country urgently needs a shock of political realism at the center of government to avoid economic collapse. There’s…
Business and Economy in Brazil
June 4, 2020

Brazil: four needs to resume growth – and escape the Olympic podium of inequality

To remove Brazil from its position of Olympic world champion in inequality, we need the leaders of its government, congress and judiciary to align (we suggest a ‘task force’) with…
Politics in Brazil
June 3, 2020

Rules for behavior in a political madhouse

Brazil’s leadership is suffering a different kind of pandemic Brazil is currently in a crisis of institutions – an apparent pandemic or political madhouse, in which executive, legislature and judiciary…
Politics in Brazil
May 29, 2020

Brazil’s Supreme Court attacks online “Cabinet of Hate”

How far can organized bloggers go in inciting civil disorder?The investigation originated by Brazil’s Supreme Court is targeting not the right to free speech of a simple group – but…
Business and Economy in Brazil
May 28, 2020

Urgency for Brazil’s water and sewerage infrastructure

Bill halted by lobbyists could release investment of R$ 600bn.In a health crisis, and with its economy in deep dive, Brazil’s federal government and Senate are caving to lobbies from…
Politics in Brazil
May 27, 2020

The role of Brazil’s armed forces in the country’s political history

As the Covid-19 pandemic reveals a country lacking leadership, the challenges raised by the crisis and the growing atmosphere of political insecurity in the country have awakened Brazilians’ curiosity on…
Politics in Brazil
May 26, 2020

The antibody for state corporatism virus: Citizenship (and our plan to exercise it)

All three spheres of government – the executive, Congress and the judiciary – are using the pandemic as a passport to practice fiscal irresponsibility. For them, it’s a chance to…
Business and Economy in Brazil
May 21, 2020

Brazil risks lockdown of economic growth

4 actions that can reboot private sector investmentin 2021 The IMF expects the world economy to grow strongly in 2021. For Brazil this is a moment to release the productive…
Politics in Brazil
May 20, 2020

Brazil’s government ignores the real problems

The Federal Government’s pandemic response is doubly chaotic: is incapable of coordinating health action; and lacks a focused approach for economic recovery.  President Bolsonaro must abandon political battles – concentrating…
Politics in Brazil
May 19, 2020

Bolsonaro’s support pyramid inverts

The Covid-related R$ 600 cash grant has earned President Bolsonaro more supporters among the poor of Brazil’s Northeast. This inversion of his support pyramid augurs pressure to make the R$ 600…
Politics in Brazil
May 14, 2020

What type of state do we want after the crisis?

Civil society, government and entrepreneurs, together, must lead changes to make Brazil efficient, less unequal, safe for investors, and internationally competitive. If Brazil cannot throw off the bonds of the…
Politics in Brazil
May 12, 2020

Cut government worker perks to pay Covid bonus

Cutting salary privileges of Brazil’s government employees would pay for extension of Covid cash help for 53 million people.The 1-month extension of Brazil’s R$ 600 emergency cash payment will cost R$ 32 billion.…
Politics in Brazil
May 10, 2020

Brazil’s public administration: the machine needs reform

Low level of execution is at the heart of the current backwardness... article by Prof. Jerson Kelman* Poor people standing in tight crowds at branches of Brazil’s national savings bank…
Politics in Brazil
May 10, 2020

Brazil is held to ransom by corporatism

To grow and create jobs, it must free itselfThe corporatist lobby in Brazil’s Senate has just made a disastrous concession in passing the bill for financial help to the states.Professors…
Politics in Brazil
May 4, 2020

How the state checked Bolsonaro’s caprice

Supreme Court’s veto of Federal Police chief invoked the constitution – any appointment can be challenged if it is not: impersonal, moral, and in the public interest.The institutions of the…
Business and Economy in Brazil
April 28, 2020

A 10-point ‘Marshall Plan’ for Brazil

Free the economy from the state: restart it with reorganization, not money. A true ‘Marshall Plan’ for Brazilwould not throw public funds at the economy, but invest in the structure and…
Politics in Brazil
April 27, 2020

Moro has taken the first step to the presidency

Now he needs to transform himself into heir of the anti-corruption legacy The destiny of Brazil’s former justice minister Sérgio Moro, who resigned last week, is to run for president…
Politics in Brazil
April 24, 2020

Moro’s accusations on leaving the Justice Ministry

Brazil’s justice minister, Sérgio Moro, resigned his office today, directing specific accusations at President Bolsonaro. Moro accused the president of political interference in the technical question of appointment of the…